music by nic paton

2009 saw the formation of a collective called The Sout Project, a “world emergent” endeavour brought together by Nic Paton; the debut album is entitled “Story”. It features a swathe of South African talent (stunning Gugulethu choir Siyaya, ancient Xhosa muse Madosini, a fine string quartet from the CPO, table & didgeridoo virtuoso Ronin Skillen of Tonik and Babu), as well as vocal contributions from Brian McLaren, American writer, speaker and activist.

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Nic Paton’s 2004 songwriter project “The Middle of it All” is an eclectic electro-acoustic collection that defies categorisation. Independant and enterprising, the project is the fruit of reinvention after an 8-year writers block in which his world was dramatically altered, forging a new aesthetic forged.

Acoustically wrought and digitally rendered, these tales of the hinterland are expressed via a digital folk sensibility. Mystical, knowing, subversive, quirky, featuring acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, loops and softsynths in equal measure, influences range from David Gray, Leonard Cohen and Peter Gabriel to Underworld and Massive Attack.

Founding member of South African collective “Friends First”, and the Grandson of author Alan Paton, his is a unique yet universal voice, lamenting exile and celebrating belonging in uncompromisingly poetic terms.

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  2. Lyn Nethercote said

    I have just listened to The Sout Project ‘Story’ twice over and wanted to say how much it moved me. I felt I could uncurl, lower my defenses and simply join in with the music and lyrics and i can honestly say that since my theology has shifted towards this practice based, incarnational God-narrative (and away from mainstream protestant evangelicalism) this vulnerable engaging is really rare! Thank you so much for co-creating it and I pray there will be more to come. Being a hack percussionist with a passion for rhythm and harmony I also really loved the richness of both beat and vocals. My thanks from across the ocean in Australia

  3. Nic Paton said

    Lyn – Uncurl!? What a compliment. thank you so much for taking the time to report back. It is much appreciated. Please feel free to keep in touch, as the recipients are just as much part of this as the creators….

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