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Is ekke beter as Jack Parow of Die Antwoord? ‘n Soutie praat.

Ek’s original, jy’s ‘n copy, ek’s ‘n flashdrive, jy’s ‘n floppy [Jack Parow]

In English, that’s:

Am I better than Jack Parow or “Die Antwoord”? (“The Answer”)
I’m original, you’re a copy, I’m a flashdrive, you’re a floppy [Jack Parow]

WAARSKU! WARNING! De-tox in progress! If you are easily offended, let what lies in shadow lie… Continue reading “Is ekke beter as Jack Parow of Die Antwoord? ‘n Soutie praat.”


Shout SA

I normally steer clear of SA covers of English bands, but this new anti-crime campaign is an exceptionally well worked out re-recording of Tears for Fears anthemic “Shout”.

Shout for a safer S.A. is dedicated to the memory of SA reggae icon Lucky Dube, the concept is put together by Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane.

The cross genre interweavings – rock, soul, hip hop, jazz, and choral, are complimented by a truly outstanding design awareness. And the song in this context has discovered a powerful uniting theme – crime.

As sad as this is, it at very least affords a view through a genuinely nonracial cultural window, and does so with stunning style.

The 2010 Music Exchange, Cape Town

As a “sensitive artistic type” I always get a bit nervous in music industry settings, taking to heart the conflicts expressed in Pink Floyds “Welcome to the machine”. However, when I get over myself, this sort of environment becomes a fascinating and challenging journey of learning and connecting, examining the edges of one’s own perspectives.

Well I overcame, discovered and connected earlier this week, at the 2010 Music Exchange, Cape Town, held at Cape Town’s Protea Hotel, and organised by Peter Lacey and Martin Myers.

Featuring some of the world’s most influential music business minds, the content was a great balance between tried and tested wisdom and the sharp end of progress, specifically regarding the online digital explosion.

Martin Myers and Sipho Hotstix Mabuse

From Major Mogul Charles Goldstuck, via Sipho Hotstix Mabuse’s enduring cultural eldership and SAMRO’s Nick Motsatse’s regal command of his domain, a solid foundation was laid. This lead through to Nokia’s own Led Zep frontman, Jake Larsen, Yoel Kenan’s “disruptive technologies” and Dave Duarte’s hi tech take on Facebook Ubuntu (“I store my knowledge in my friends”). Add to this the creative likes of Neo Muyanga, Macstanleys Andrew Macpherson, and music journalist Miles Keylock, the list of fascinating personages goes on and on. Continue reading “The 2010 Music Exchange, Cape Town”

Abide In Me : A hymn

This is a new rendering (not yet recorded) of the hymn Eventide by William H. Monk (1861). It develops the hymn “Abide with Me” by Henry F. Lyte (1847) from a mood of solace in despair, to a more hopeful panentheistic one as part of an awareness of the essential connectness of all things.

from www.triciamccannonspeaks.comAbide in me, as I abide in you
Home to your Spirit, the Source of what is new
Once I was blind, unconscious and unseeing
Now in you I live and move and have my being

When faceless powers wreck havoc with this life
Forces of destruction loosed by greed and strife
When all around me yields to corruption let me see
You who is unchanging, oh abide in me

Each one has their season before they say farewell
Give me courage Lord at the tolling of that bell
Where death is your sting, or grave your victory?
Sustainer of all living things, abide in me

The Sout Project CD now internationally available!

sout_cover_medIt’s a month yet to the official launch (11th December 2009), but I just wanted to tell everyone that “Story”, world-emergent album from Cape Town’s The Sout Project collective, is now available for international purchase from Portland’s incredible independent music portal CDBaby.

Online distribution to the likes of iTunes and Amazon will follow in coming months.

Please feel free to visit the, download a free mp3, listen to other tracks, and comment. And tell your friends to do so too.

If you are a blogger and would like to write a review, you will receive a free advance copy. Please submit your name, email address and blog URL, via the contact form on the site.

Reviews currently in:

What a gift The Sout Project’s “Story” is to all of us … a beautifully-crafted presentation of original songs that enrich and inspire both in their content and form. Many voices, many cultures, many styles, many rhythms … all woven together in one richly textured musical fabric colored by good news of hope, peace, and joy.

Congrats with SOUT! I love the honesty and freshness … The arrangements are profound. Vine, Circle, Meditation with Mechtild is breathtaking – and the contemplative “In all Things” speaks direct to the heart!

– Theo Geyser, In Via

I think it is absolutely fantastic … it really brings a multicultural presence to Emergence Christianity that is desperately needed.

– Thomas Turner, Arts Editor, Generate Magazine

The Sout Project on YouTube

I have uploaded a Sout Project introductory video to YouTube:

Story : a hymn

This is a hymn in house style called “Story”. It takes the tune of “Be thou my vision”, whose origins are Irish from the 8th Century. It is from the upcoming album of postmodern sacred community songs “Sout by North West” by the Sout Project.

This rewrite is based on Brian McLarens new myths for “church” or “Kingdom” as suggested in his “The Secret Message of Jesus”. These include the dream, revolution, party, dance, and network, of God.

More on this soon…


Yours is my story, O Lord of my heart
Yours is the journey of which I am part
Yours is my dream, by day and by night
Waking or sleeping your presence my light Continue reading “Story : a hymn”

An Economy of Grace

I have been reflecting on Afrika Burn 2008, with 2 articles, a general synopsis called “AB08 scorecard” and a cheeky cultural crit called “Soop – Sound (Waves) Out Of Place“. But now I want to get to the heart of the experience, from the point of view of the theme camp that our community set up, Sanctuary. Continue reading “An Economy of Grace”

Calling AVJ Twinstar…

moses and the burning bush from // is a “calling?”.

Why are many seemingly happy people not vexed with this question? Are they not listening? Are they not called? Does a calling presuppose a “Caller”? And how, on earth and in heaven, did Moses do it?

Wo wo wo, timeout: this question can be a can of worms.

My consideration is not theological or theoretical, so don’t expect too much theory here. For me, the holy fool, the question of vocation is a messy, dank, all too real Continue reading “Calling AVJ Twinstar…”

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