This blog was originally intended to cover thoughts about music and spirituality. It has changed over the months to reflect a lot of theological enquiry, a new interest in visual art, and only some music; it might easily be titled lightanddarkness.

One feature of blogs which is slightly counter productive is the last-in-first-out nature of a chronologically presented set of writings. Inevitably, the most current post will get most attention, and anything which goes to archive (written before the current month) will sink into obscurity unless specifically sought out by that minority of the curious.

So, in addition to WordPress search and organisaional tools (archiving, top posts, search box, and tags) I thought I could give a further alternative in my own map of soundandsilence.

Worship : Here I approached the issue of worship not as given by organised religion, but rather via the question, what do I think worship is, based on how I see God.  I explored a reframing of “Liturgy” in a somewhat systematic fashion, based on facets of Gods character.

eternity, worth, space and silence, intimacy, the poetic, in all, the dramatic, doing it, 4 temples.

Post-Liturgy reviews : Some real-life encounters. Held, WeTube, and a thoroughly unpleasant church experience.

Universal Restoration / Inclusion : Aspects of a universal, inclusive faith.  Universal Restoration, The Scandal of Bishop Carlton Pearson, God in All, All in God, Incarnation, Inclusion and Hell.

Music and Visual Creativity :  Silence and music, My Zouk, Andy Goldsworthy, The smaller picture, Contemporary Wordless Cinema.

Assorted Musings : The unsung virtues, The unsung virtues and Da Vinci Code, Longing and Craving, Love, A letter to JSP, Reaping nothing, You told me your name.