Burning Man and ventures of (inter)faith.

I am looking very much forward to hosting “Faith Beyond Borders: An introduction to the interfaith adventure” on Wednesday 6PM UTC+2 (6pm South Africa, 9am Playa/Pacific), in the SpiritSpace Virtual Sparkleverse, “a Recognised Universe of Burning Man’s Multiverse”. (breathe now)

Burning Man’s theme this year is The Great Unknown.

The SpiritSpace theme camp is co-ordinated by Hope Deifell (based in North Carolina, USA), who I met around the last “IRL” (In Real Life) local burn I attend, Afrika Burn, in 2008. Our local spiritual community has been exploring many of the things we learned there over the last 15 years.

I think my interfaith adventure has its roots there. The “Burner” ethos provided at that time much spiritual food for thought, and its 10 core principles (Radical Inclusion, Self-reliance, and Self-expression, Gifting and Decommodification, Communal Effort, Civic Responsibility, Leaving No Trace, Participation and Immediacy) resonated deeply with me.

The Sparkleverse Virtual Burn 2021 is an opportunity for me to re-connect with this important strand of my own history. The core meaning of “religion” is re-connection from the latin “re-legare”; think of how ligaments hold our bodies together.

You can see more on Facebook, join the conversation with a (cost=free or more) ticket.

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