Male and Female God created them

We were encouraged to enter small group conversation with the heart and not the head, and reminded that groups very rarely went “deeper” than the ethos with which they began. The idea of “Cell Memory” – the body-wide repository of accumulated feelings, was introduced. Sergio spoke of mourning as a process of owning our own feelings instead of projecting then outwards or suppressing them. The central idea of the “Father Wound” which marks so much of our Western civilasation was futher opened up.

We began exploring the idea that the Genesis account demonstrates that the image of God was expressed in the creation of male and female aspects. We touched on Rohrs idea that “all healthy spirituality will always have a truly ‘sexual’ character to it, a desire for re-union”. (Rohr p 13)

In our small groups we were asked to talk about the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. This was deep work, and imbued with pain, the pain of life threatening illness, absent parents, the fear of chaos, but what was very encouraging was the level to which people accepted and were at home with their other-gender shadows. If anything, the men in the small group were more at home with their feminine sides than their masculine, and again, visa versa. For the most part, participants could only listen and hold the feelings released.

This post is part 2 in the series Richard Rohr “From wild man to wise man” with Sergio Milandri of The session was held on the 2nd November 2009 at Sans Pareil, Hout Bay, South Africa.