sout_cover_medWell its time to come out of the shadows and back to into the blog world. Fact is, I’ve been busy. Producing and launching a musical album can only be done with 100% concentration, and this has meant that my online correspondance has more or less gone dormant.

This has been a 3 year process, intensifying about a year back, when I realised I had the makings of an album in a growing number of songs, which started taking shape to form a vision.

That’s why I describe the Sout Project as “A Vision woven into song”.

I hope that this comes through to the listeners, either overtly or indirectly by osmosis. The way I am seeing it now, the project is a by-product of an ongoing process. But at the same time its a product that will need to get into the marketplace and make itsself heard.

Like any parent would, I want it to be given a chance. Thats why I have chosen to do it in a fairly rigorous way, albiet as an independant, standing apart from the recording industry and its requirements and methods. But I’ve saved, budgeted, and paid attention to detail.

Another part of the process I describe involved conversations with local entrepreneurs, around a vision for ideas that can earn their keep. In this, many of us have been feeling particulary enpowered. There is a thought that is abiding for me here, and while it might sound rather Marxist, is this:

“They who own the process own the product”.