This is a hymn in house style called “Story”. It takes the tune of “Be thou my vision”, whose origins are Irish from the 8th Century. It is from the upcoming album of postmodern sacred community songs “Sout by North West” by the Sout Project.

This rewrite is based on Brian McLarens new myths for “church” or “Kingdom” as suggested in his “The Secret Message of Jesus”. These include the dream, revolution, party, dance, and network, of God.

More on this soon…


Yours is my story, O Lord of my heart
Yours is the journey of which I am part
Yours is my dream, by day and by night
Waking or sleeping your presence my light

The trappings of affluence, fames empty praise
And all of this worlds unsustainable ways
Of the scorn of creation I want no part
For you work in the world as you work in the heart

Yours is our wisdom, all truth is in you
Though it is hard to discern what is true
You are our network, and we are the nodes
All knowledge is yours and through us flows

Yours the revolution, yours is the coup
The humble exalted the broken made new
In spirit and in truth, your tribe will draw near
The poets and the warriors who have overcome fear

Lord of creation, and Lord of its dance
All celebration is yours to grant
The hope of the ages in our limbs and our breath
We feast to the victory of love over death

Yours is our story, O lord of our heart
Yours is the journey, of which we are part
Yours is our dream, by day and by night
Waking or sleeping your presence our light