What is belonging?

What enables belonging?

And what enables the specific belonging to the concept mystery commonly referred to as “The Kingdom of God”?


Belonging is coherence.

It is Home.

It is where our hearts find rest, and our yearnings resolution.

  • It is righteousness: not moral correctness, but our participation in a world put to rights.
  • It is holiness: not religious achievement, but our awareness of the sacredness of All.
  • It is a quality of connectedness to the cosmos at large … to people, to things, to the planet, and to the Divine.

The Kingdom of God is a circle whose circumference is nowhere and whose centre is everywhere. As such its presence is unmapable. It is found in the


spaces between. Not a thing, nor a collection of objects, but an event of spirit, and a community of subjects. It is more like dark energy, or antimatter, than a quantifiable material reality.

We do not belong by how deeply we identify with the organisation. Rather, we do so by flowing with the energy of Spirit. Our chances of belonging are not enhanced by the trajectory of promotion. Rather, it depends on how we lose our selves, and how we die to the acosmic, fracturing demands of the ego.

  • We do not belong by earthly status – riches, power, or fame. These things do the opposite, filling us with illusion.
  • We do not belong under the banner the gang, or the insignia of the army. Here, fear is the glue, and fear casts out Faith.
  • We belong only by Faith, by Love, and because of the Grace which holds the universe.

? What

is community? Is it the visible group? Does it need the official seal of the King or the logo of the Corporation to be valid? How do we know who is in? Where is

the line? Is it sustained because we conform? To an image, a style, or a uniform? To a signed letter of engagement? To the articles of membership? To a code of behaviors? To a creed or an even the oath of the select few? Or is community sustained by an unexpressed, shared myth?

? In G-d’s

Kingdom, what is this myth? Is it Christendom, the worldview of the outgoing majority? Is it a tradition, proven through the ages? Is it a denomination, a finely crafted set of doctrines? Is it an activity, a meeting, a routine?

Or is it more elusive? Maybe like the wind which blows wheresoever it wills. A posture, dependant on inner mysteries, deep virtues –






clarity and correctness,




Forged by many failures, by the slow process of letting go, of dying to ourselves, of learning the true value of

|    space    |

How to move in it, to dance and flow with the Spirit, to recognise when fresh forms are congealing, and when chaos cleanses and dissolves.

How to vacate this space, so that God might inhabit it. So that what is imperishable might become incarnate. How to build not on mere human ambition, but upon that which is truly, eternally sustainable. How to lay aside this ambition, so that God’s Kingdom Dream might begin to become reality.