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November 2008

Make Something Day.

For many years now Friday (US) and Saturday (International) after thanksgiving (that’s November 29th in South Africa) has been Buy Nothing Day, in recognition that we consume and waste too much. Originally suggested in 1992, the idea has been promoted by AdBusters, an activist media organisation.

But now it has been suggested that withholding purchases is not going far enough. A positive idea is to actively create something, and to rethink BND as Make Something Day. This includes: Organise It, Make It, Give It or Share It.
It sounds to me like a challenge of liturgy. Don’t forget, liturgy means “the work of the people”.

How will you be spending MSD?



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Eternity, Evolution, and Emergence.

“A mistake about Creation results in a mistake about God.” Thomas Aquinas.

Some words have the dubious distinction of creating instant controversy. This is due to loosing our focus on their original meaning via habit, tradition, and misuse, but mostly to an unwillingness to recycle these words from the bins of cliché. One such word is “Evolution”. Continue reading “Eternity, Evolution, and Emergence.”

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