God is making a movie. He’s using us all—whoever we are, whatever our gifts, in a cast of billions. We make it what it is—a holy narrative of Love, with a screenplay of astounding complexity, resulting in accolades the likes of which have never been seen or heard. (Ephesians 2 paraphrased)

Friday 27 July, Cape Town: We gathered to explore the parable of Gods Movie under the banner WeTube. Whether or not we cut and post an actual movie remains to be seen, (candles are not optimal lighting for cinematic productions, as we found out) however I think all felt that the event was worth it.

After diving straight in, open spontaneous prayers from a diverse group of people (many who were meeting for the first time), ignited the atmosphere. Prayers of brokenness, desire, and seeking, evoked images of emergence from a silent, desert space, as well as the delight in connectedness revealed.

When we started filming, the screenplay ran seamlessly from one actor to the next. Implicit in the event was the understanding that we were not gathering to perform a precast liturgy, but that the liturgy would emerge from who we are as individuals and as a unique group, to the degree that we authentically brought ourselves into the narrative. Furthermore, unlike the cults of movie celebrity, we brought not our egos nor agendas of power and glamour, but the emptiness which could make place for an expression of Spirit.

Threads of conversation included estate agency as a mission of compassion, Jesus’ words concerning acts towards the least being acts towards himself, a meditation on breath (accompanied by a singing bowl), a reading of TS Elliot’s Marina, cardigan knitting as service, an Islamic enquiry into the nature of church, and the Eucharist served to Van Morrison’s Rave on John Donne.

Living to live in a world of time beyond me; let me
Resign my life for this life, my speech for that unspoken…