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 Constantia, Cape Town 24/06/07

A small gathering of 9 adults (and 13 under-10’s) met in and around our living room to celebrate/experiment with a liturgy called “held”.

Exploring the idea of “God in all and all in God”, we used image, recorded music (Crowded House’s “Fingers of Love”, Massive Attacks “Protection” and Stereo MC’s “Connected”), scripture, song, Eucharist, and statement-response to explore the sub-themes afloat, forsaken, letting go, lifted and sustained.

HoldingHoldingThe overall feeling was positive if somewhat muted, as everyone weighed up a new approach. The classic alt-worship question “But is it worship?” was not explicitly broached, and discomforts included the chaos of kids, distaste with the too responsorial or the too dancey.

For the most part, however, contemplation prevailed. But there was a surprising outburst of theological energy over lunch, and a robust debate around Universal Restoration v Eternal Damnation ensued.