Love takes the long view, it alone is truly sustainable, love is simply kind with no ulterior motive. Love is not arrogant or obsessed with money or fame, it does not explode in rage or offence, nor does it get involved in political assessment or moral competitiveness.

Love does not separate the truth into compartments, but finds the deep satisfaction of relating everything to everything else. Love holds others without premature judgment, generously believes the best, eschews cynicism, and doesn’t partake in the short-term attitudes of this age.

True and lasting success cannot be found, apart from Love. All human wisdom, achievement, and endeavor, is finite. All words, all thought, all utterance, are partial. All ingenuity, all technology, is finite. All assertions about who we are or what we may do, are partial.

There is a time however when all that is part of our limited viewpoint will be informed, infused and completed, by perfection. Being human, I will be transformed from pettiness, naiveté and ignorance into true wisdom, when that day comes. All our limitations and our myopias, all of our delusions, will be subsumed into the full and personal apprehension of the glory hidden at this time. We shall all become one with the very ground of our being, I do not assume to give this a name, for it is holy.

And while we await this glory, we have been gifted with these three things: Insight into things eternal, the imagination to partake in the ongoing creation, and the passion to be joined again with our Creator.